Current release information


There is an increasing demand for data, which is why we update (release) the data model a few times a year. Then, for example, we implement changes in validations, entry instructions, fields or codes.

Release November 2023

On 18 November 2023, there was a release of GDSN / GS1 Data Source. (Release 3.1.25) Here is what changed for the Netherlands in the healthcare sector.

Changes to validations for data medical devices:

  • Applications to consumer units only will be removed or replaced for base units only
  • Validation rule 500.422 is replaced by 500.492 (500.422 does remain valid in FMCG).
  • Code NOT_STERILISED is added to code list SterilisationTypeCode
  • Change in definition 'Initial Manufacturer Sterilisation Code ' 
  • Change in 'Initial Sterilisation Prior To Use Code' 

Datamodel Healthcare

The latest version of the GS1 Data model for the healthcare sector (3.1.23) is live.