Current release information


There is an increasing demand for data, which is why we update (release) the data model four times a year. Then, for example, we implement changes in validations, entry instructions, fields or codes.

On 21 May there will be a release of GS1 Data Source. In the documents below you can find all changes that apply to the Netherlands.

Changes in attributes and validations for medical devices

  • The attribute name of several attributes will be changed. The GDSN name remains the same.
  • Changes have been made to validations.
  • Four new validations have been added.

In the documents below you will find all changes for the Netherlands.

GS1 Data Source temporarily unavailable:

Due to the release, GS1 Data Source will be temporarily unavailable from 20 May 17:00 - 22 May 20:00. Data shared during this period will be stored and processed after the update.