Current release information


There is an increasing demand for data, which is why we update (release) the data model a few times a year. Then, for example, we implement changes in validations, entry instructions, fields or codes.

Release 18 May 2024

Here is what changed for the Netherlands in healthcare:

  • The 'tradeItemFeatureCodeReference' field will be replaced by the 'initialManufacturerSterilisationCode' field. The code list 'SterilisationTypeCode' will be attached to it.
  • The field 'Type of sterilisation used by manufacturer' ('Initial manufacturer sterilisation code') is made mandatory. A validation rule is added that checks whether the field is used with the correct code.
  • Adjustment validation rule, TradeItemAConsumerUnit becomes TradeItemABaseUnit.
  • In connection with the transition from MDD/IVDD/AIMDD to MDR/IVDR, 'own statement/manufacturer statement' sharing via GDSN becomes possible.

Datamodel Healthcare

The latest version of the GS1 Data model for the healthcare sector (3.1.27) is live.