Current release information


There is an increasing demand for data, which is why we update (release) the data model a few times a year. Then, for example, we implement changes in validations, entry instructions, fields or codes.

Release 25 februari 2023

The next release is on 25 February. What will change for healthcare in the Netherlands?

New attributes for information on:

  • Storage conditions medical device
  • Waste type
  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes
  • Change of the product identification

Change in validations for medical device data

  • Two changes in validations and a new validation for the attribute 'Handling instructions code reference

Release 19 November 2022

On 19 November 2022 was the latest release of GDSN in Healthcare. 

Change in validations for data medical devices

For the risk class under the MDD/IVDD/AIMDD, the code 'AIMDD' (Active Implantable Medical Device Directive) has been added. This expands three validation rules to include this code, and a signal will be added when indicating that the device is an active implantable medical device.

Datamodel Healthcare

The latest version of the GS1 Data model for the healthcare sector (3.1.19) is live.