GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty

Through GS1 Data Source, manufacturers and wholesalers easily share product information with their customers (retailers).

One source for product data for all

Supplier, manufacturer or wholesaler?

Enter your product information in GS1 Data Source and decide who receives the data. You can maintain the information in one place, which is very efficient!

Representatives of the sector have agreed which data will be shared. What retailers need and what is important to you is taken into account. By sharing product information, you comply with all legislation and regulations.

Sustainability is also high on the agenda: quality marks, energy classes and packaging information for recycling purposes can all be shared. 

Retailer or wholesaler?

With GS1 Data Source, you always have access to up-to-date article data that you need for your daily operations: webshops, the logistics process, shelf plans, stock management, etc.  

Data quality is of great importance

Supermarkets, drugstores, consumers - in short, everyone - wants to be able to rely on product information. The challenge is to get and keep the product information in GS1 Data Source up to scratch. That's what the data quality program is all about.

Who is working with GS1 Data Source?

Many retailers, wholesalers and suppliers share product data via GS1 Data Source. Check here who they are, what sector they are active in and what their GLN is.

Getting started

First sign up and get to know GS1.
To get started, we have put all the information you need in the knowledge base. About entering and capturing data and the data quality program.

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