Serial Shipping Container Code

Abbreviated SSCC

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With an SSCC you code a shipment. This way you can trace everything that is on its way in the chain. This can be a package, but also a suitcase or a cargo ship. As soon as a shipment is received and booked, the SSCC code expires.

What can you do with an SSCC?

Identifying a parcel

Identifying a parcel

By placing an SSCC on a parcel, you can identify it as a shipment.

Identifying a pallet with parcels

Identifying a pallet with parcels

In this case, the pallet receives the shipping code and not all parcels individually.

Fast entry

Fast entry

If you scan the SSCC on entry, the goods are immediately booked in. This saves time and money.

How does it work?

Ordering codes

Order your codes right away by clicking on the button in the orange bar at the top.

Coding shipments

The codes only become meaningful when you assign them to something. This number belongs to this box, this pakcage of this trolley.

Scanning codes?

Sometimes it's useful if the code is also scannable. Then you can translate the number into a barcode. Read all about barcode symbols.


You buy SSCC's in a package starting at 100,000 pieces.
The costs consist of a one-time fee and an annual contribution. The latter covers GS1's organizational and development costs.

Number of codes

One-time fee Annual fee
100.000  €  50,-  €  50,-
1.000.000  €  75,-  €  75,-
10.000.000  €150,-  € 150,-
100.000.000  € 255,-  € 255,-

Amounts are exclusive of VAT.

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