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Optimise patient safety, reduce costs, save time and comply with legislation

Patients/clients and governments are demanding more and more information, and product safety data is becoming increasingly important. By uniquely identifying products, people and locations, traceability from manufacturer to patient is possible. GS1 helps companies meet this information need for an efficient and transparent supply chain.

With GS1, you can work on:



Identify products, people and places with a unique barcode, which ensures traceability throughout the chain.


Sharing productdata medical devices

Together with healthcare institutions, suppliers, and industry organisations, we continuously explore what other data needs to be shared, for example, to comply with regulations or to achieve sustainability.


Complying with legislation

Legislation such as MDR/IVDR makes more and more demands on information about products, such as: safety, quality and performance. GS1 helps companies meet these requirements by identifying products and sharing product data.


Efficient inventory management

GS1 standards ensure optimal inventory and ordering processes. You always have full visibility of the stock, avoid stockouts, and can prevent losses.



GS1 can assist in addressing issues such as waste reduction, medicine wastage, and sustainable packaging by capturing and sharing data.


Data quality

GS1 Data Care is a program to optimise the product information of medical devices in GDSN / GS1 Data Source and the use of product data in hospitals.

GS1 works together

We develop and maintain products and services in collaboration with representatives from manufacturers, retailers, healthcare institutions, wholesalers, logistics service providers, and implementation partners.

To ensure that GS1's efforts align with the sector's needs, we establish agreements with other organizations regarding product identification and the capture and sharing of product data. Healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers, and software providers are involved in these efforts.

Practical experiences are also essential. That's why we collaborate with the steering group for the Uniform Dataset, integrating real-world experiences into our work.

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