About GS1 Netherlands

Society has high requirements for food and patient safety and sustainable production. Consumers aswell, want to know more and more about products. In addition companies and healthcare institutions feel the need to work even more efficiently. The importance of good and reliable product information is therefore growing by the day.

About GS1 Netherlands - Meer Tijd Voor Overstap Op GS1 Global Data Model

GS1 Netherlands is the platform and service organisation for sharing product data

We help our customers on their way to efficient, transparent and sustainable chains. This is possible if you uniquely identify products and locations and link product data to them. We offer the standards to follow products on their journey through the chain.

GS1 is:

Active wordlwide

Sharing data often crosses national borders. With our internationally used standards and solutions, companies all over the world can use the same data. GS1 operates in 150 countries.


Independent and not-for-profit

In the Netherlands, more than 30,000 companies and health institutions are member. Together with representatives of our members, we make sector-wide agreements on how product data can make supply chains efficient, transparent and sustainable. Of and for companies, we call it. So we don't do it for profit.

How did GS1 Netherlands come about?

1974: In America, the first barcode is scanned on a pack of chewing gum. Two years later, Albert Heijn brought the barcode to the Netherlands. He felt that a neutral party was needed to make the chain more efficient for supermarkets and suppliers. And that is why GS1 Netherlands was founded.

About GS1 Netherlands - Albert Heijn