Updates software

The software for the daat pool is regularly updated to make improvements, add new functions and resolve issues. 

Release notes 19 January 2022

For suppliers

  • For target market Germany the attributes 'Nutritional Program Code' and 'Nutri-Score Code' are added.
  • For GPC code 10008179 (coffee ground beans), the attribute 'Ingredient declaration' will be added.
  • In the code list of the attribute 'Preparation type code', the new values Air Frying, Soaking and Brewing are added.

Solved issues

  • From the 'Received items' tab, it is now possible again to make a correct export to Excel when you have chosen a certain filter, such as name of data supplier.
  • From the 'subscriptions' tab, a correct export can again be made to Excel if you, as data recipient, wish to view the GTINs published by a certain supplier.
  • When you use the button 'add to article' to link a trade unit to a basic unit, the attribute 'name data supplier' will be filled automatically again.
  • Various smaller bug fixes.