QR code powered by GS1 - De Barcode Is 50 Jaar En Verandert Ons Leven Opnieuw

QR code powered by GS1

Get ready for the future; all benefits of the barcode and more

Connecting consumers to the product and brand through one smart barcode

Communicating directly with consumers through a single, smarter barcode on packaging that gives instant access to reliable information, content and personalised experiences.

This is possible with the new generation two-dimensional barcode. Barcode scanning allows items to be identified. GS1 powered QR codes can contain more information than the traditional barcode. Such as a web address, warranty, recipe, installation instructions, best-before date, serial number and batch number. Retailers can thereby make processes more efficient and sustainable, and consumers can use a smartphone to access real-time information such as allergen information, promotions, reviews, product recalls and instructions for use.

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Many possibilities with the QR code powered by GS1

Inventory management

- FiFo: First in, First out
- Accurate stock
- Insight into availability and location
- Waste reduction
- Shelf life


- Product identification
- Ingredient information
- Insight into journey through the chain
- Consumer confidence


- Brand integrity
- Prevent product sales over date or recalls
- Stop counterfeiting


- Recycling information
- Promoting circular economy
- Proper waste treatment
- Farm to Fork

Engaged consumers

- Access to brand and product information
- Promotions and reviews
- Recipes
- Instructions for use
- Promote brand loyalty

Improve packaging

- Marketing on packaging
- Complying with laws and regulations
- Improving customer experience

Difference between regular QR Code and QR Code powered by GS1?