The GS1 article code is lika a passport for your product.

EAN and GTIN are different names for GS1 article code. Reliable and guaranteed worldwide.

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A unique passport for your product

All products, in-store or online, have a unique identification code. This number is often found as a barcode on the packaging. Thanks to the article code, every link in the logistics chain can recognize a product. The major stores and webshops such as and amazon only accept GS1 article codes.

GS1: worldwide and not-for-profit

GS1 is the only official point of issue that provides globally accepted, guaranteed unique article codes. In cooperation with companies from all industries, we define properties that benefit all parties. So we don't do it for profit.

  • Worldwide
  • Neutral
  • Not-for-profit

Different types of article codes

The vast majority of articles have an EAN-13, the common 13-digit article code. In addition, there are EAN-8 codes for small retail products and separate codes for items that are weighed, such as nuts or cheese.  

How many codes do you need?

Each product variety has its own unique code. If you sell black and white athletic socks in 3 sizes, you need 6 codes. If you also sell these in action packs of 3, you will need another 6 codes.

Purchasing GS1 article codes

You can purchase single article codes (up to 5) or in packages of 10, 100 or 1,000 pieces. Take a look at our offer here. 

Scanning codes?

Sometimes the codes need to be scannable, for example when they go past the cash register in a store. For this, you can translate the code into a barcode.

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GS1 article code: the passport for your product!

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