Working together with industies

GS1 Netherlands: for and by companies 

We develop and maintain products and services together with representatives from manufacturers, retailers, healthcare institutions, wholesalers, logistics service providers and implementation partners.  

General board 

The General Board of GS1 Netherlands includes board members from a number of our member companies. They determine how we can steer the right course to help companies work more efficiently and to give substance to social themes with GS1 solutions. 

Industry representation 

To ensure that GS1's activities meet the needs of companies, each industry is represented in a council. This includes managers and board members in the areas of commerce, supply chain and data management.

In addition, each industry has steering committees and working groups with professionals from manufacturers and retailers who are involved in the implementation of GS1 standards and solutions.

Representation Food, Health & Beauty
Representation Do-It-Yourself, Garden & Pet
Representation Healthcare