Getting started with GS1 EDI

Let's do it

Exchanging messages - such as orders and invoices - is a time-consuming process. GS1 EDI is an efficient tool for standardized administrative messages that you exchange with your trading partner(s).

Assigning GS1 codes

Before you can get started with GS1 EDI, you need to identify your locations. To do this, you use a Global Location Number.

Determine which process(es)

Decide which process(es) you want to digitize and agree with your trading partners whether they are willing and able to do so as well.

Order your EDI package

Go to MyGS1, create an account if necessary, and choose the basic EDI package. This will give you right of use for the standards and access to all the documentation you need.

Getting Started

With the manuals, you can get started. To access the manuals, you will need your MyGS1 password.
Do you need help? Implementation partners can advise and assist with implementation.


Run a test with your trading partners and go live!