GS1 Data Source for do-it-yourself, garden & pet

Through GS1 Data Source, manufacturers and wholesalers easily share product information with their customers (retailers).

One source for product data for everyone

Supplier, manufacturer or wholesaler?

Enter your product information in GS1 Data Source and decide who receives your data. You only have to maintain the information in one place. It's very efficient!

Retailer or wholesaler?

With GS1 Data Source, you always have access to up-to-date product information that you need for your daily operations: logistics, websites, shelf plans, compliance with legislation and much more.

Data quality is of great importance

DIY stores, garden centres, consumers. Everyone must be able to rely on good product information. But images and digital assets are also important in order to meet consumers' information needs. The challenge is to get and keep product information in GS1 Data Source up to standard.

Data for the entire Benelux

Sharing data often goes beyond national borders, especially in the Benelux. That's why we work closely together with GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

Who works with GS1 Data Source?

Many retailers, wholesalers and suppliers already share product data via GS1 Data Source. Check who they are.

Getting started

We have put all the information on what data to share in the knowledge base.

Join GS1 Data Source

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