Data Quality Membership

Program for optimising and maintaining good data quality

Everyone wants to have access to the right product information. Therefore that information must be and remain correct, complete and up-to-date. Companies make agreements in the sector about how they can improve the quality of data. Suppliers participate in this when their customers (retailers/hospitals) expect them to do so.

Insight into data quality

by reports

and advice!

Are you a supplier and do you supply to a Dutch retailer or hospital? Then this customer may ask you to participate in the data quality program. There are different programs for different sectors.

Data quality programme Food, Health & Beauty 

GS1 Data Care Health Care 

Sign up

Sign up for the data quality program through MyGS1 and indicate the appropriate sector in the ordering process. Once you have signed up for a program in MyGS1, a relationship manager will contact you to go over the program with you.

Turnover-based rates

Our organization is driven by the companies. In order to share the costs proportionally, large companies pay more than small ones. 
Our rates are therefore classified in turnover categories, as they are based on the amount of the company's annual turnover.

Turnover category Annual turnover  Annual fee
A t/m C € 0 - € 1 million €   324
D € 1 - € 5 million €   342
E € 5 - € 11 million €   342
F € 11 - € 22 million €   728
G € 22 - € 45 million € 1.062
H € 45 - € 226 million € 1652
I € 226 - € 1 billion € 2.810
J > € 1 billion € 4.230

Amounts are exclusive of VAT.