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Digital Product Passport

Working together on a circular and sustainable economy

The Digital Product Passport is going to help reduce the use of raw materials. This passport accompanies the product on its journey through the circular chain. It contains information about what the product is made of, where it comes from and how it can be used, scrapped, reused or recycled.

Without reliable data, this will not work, and that is where GS1 has an important role to play. GS1 allows you to share data that is often already available. So you can start now!

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GS1 helps!

One data language

How do you get online data to the right product? The basis is the identification number (GTIN) that makes each product unique. Scanning a QR code with such a number gives you access to all the product data you need.


Collaboration between al stakeholders is essential to agree on what data is needed and how to share and use it. GS1 brings parties together to determine impact, unlock data from different sources and start pilots.

International and neutral

GS1 operates in 147 countries and helps more than 2 million companies with open standards for identification and sharing reliable data. We are non-profit and our solutions can be used by anyone anywhere.

Make use of GS1 solutions that are already in place

With one data language, information is available and usable by everyone. There are already GS1 standards to identify products, locations and events and to share this data in the chain and with consumers