GS1 Data Source

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With the GS1 data pool, as a manufacturer or wholesaler you can easily share product information with all your customers. And as a retailer, wholesaler or hospital, you quickly have all the product information you need.

Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier?

With GS1 Data Source, you can provide all your customers worldwide with article data at the click of a button.

With data, you make your product more valuable, because a product without accompanying data no longer exists, especially online. You can also use the data to make the logistics chain more efficient and save costs.

Are you a retailer or wholesaler?

With GS1 Data Source, you always have access to up-to-date article data from your own suppliers. All the information you need at your fingertips.  

In healthcare, the use of reliable medical product data reduces the risk of medical errors and increases patient safety. Dutch Implant Registry (LIR), databases and healthcare providers all work with data from GS1 Data Source (GDSN). 

GS1: worldwide and not-for-profit

Our international standards enable customers around the world to use the same data. Together with companies, we define what data is shared so that everyone benefits. So we don't do it for profit.

  • Worldwide
  • Neutral
  • Not-for-profit

How does it work?

In each industry, companies have agreed on what data to share. So for more information, check the industry in which you operate:



If your total annual turnover is less than 1 million euros, you can start using GS1 Data Source from €234,- per year!

Share your product information with all your customers with a single click
Data for optimal logistics processes and cost savings
More valuable data for consumers