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Agriculture & Fresh

Identify products and locations, trace products and ensure good product data

Consumers and governments are demanding more and more product information and companies need to work more and more efficiently. Data on product safety and sustainable production of fresh produce are also becoming increasingly important. We help companies meet the growing information needs for an efficient and sustainable supply chain.


With GS1, you can work on:


It all starts with unique identification

You need a unique GS1 article code (GTIN) to sell your product anywhere in the world. And communicating directly with consumers can be done with GS1's QR code.


Correct product data for logistics, government and consumers

With reliable product data, you can offer the right products: online and in shops. And product data are also essential for logistics processes and to comply with legislation.


Efficient and sustainable chain

More and more product information is needed to cooperate more efficiently in the fresh supply chain. Location data (GLN) and data on sustainability and for tracking fresh produce are becoming increasingly important.

GS1 works together

To ensure that what GS1 does matches the needs of companies in the sector, we make agreements with them on how GS1 products and services can be deployed.

We work closely with FrugIcom, Fresh Upstream and other (industry) organisations.

Want to know more?

Do you need advice or assistance with the use of GS1 solutions in the agricultural or in the fresh produce sector? Tom Quets will be happy to help.