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Marketplaces & e-commerce

Reduce returns, prevent product fraud and create sustainable chains

Consumers increasingly want to know more about products and the choice is huge. We help companies meet the growing information needs for an efficient and sustainable supply chain, creating more customer loyalty and reducing product fraud.

With GS1, you can work on:


It all starts with identification

To sell products online, a GS1 barcode is indispensable. It is the basis for being found, preventing product fraud and sharing product data via the GS1 data pool.


QR code: the all-in-one code

Communicating directly with consumers with a smart barcode on the packaging. With GS1's QR code, you can get instant access to all kinds of reliable information and personalised experiences.


Correct product data

With high-quality and complete product data and photos, consumers can make the right purchase. And product data is also essential for logistics processes and to comply with legislation.

Sales partners who ensure correct codes and data are rewarded with more transactions and more satisfied cusotmers.

Vincent Weijers

Want to know more?

Need advice or help using the GS1 solutions? Our industry manager Mark Heere will be happy to help.