Data model

In healthcare, there is a coordinated data model determined by medical device suppliers, healthcare institutions and industry organisations.

We call the data model in healthcare ECHO data model.
ECHO stands for Extending the Collaboration of Healthcare Organisations and focuses on harmonising requirements of various countries regarding product data and exchanging the data through GDSN.

The fields in the data model

There are requirements from different countries to deliver product information, with different regulations, languages and business needs. There are also requirements from legislation. In the list of fields, you will find:

  • The product information that is required per country and per legislation.
  • Which data must be entered in which field.
  • Wich article data are mandatory.

Data model - GDSN/GS1 Data Source Healthcare

Affiliated countries:

Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland.

Affiliated legislation:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Health Service (NHS), Dutch Implant Registry (LIR)