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With Global Location Number you identify a company, branch, warehouse, or even specific shelves in a rack. But also think about agricultural plots or an apple tree. If you sell to larger retailers, they will often ask you for your GLN. A location code identifies your business in their system. You can make a GLN scannable in the form of a barcode.

What do you identify with a GLN?

A company

A company

The GLN identifies companies in a database, such as in GS1 Data Source. Company name, address details and other information are linked to this unique number.

A physical location

A physical location

You can assign GLNs to a business premises, warehouse, filling machine or tomato greenhouse. This makes a product traceable throughout the chain.

Digital location

Digital location

Non-physical locations can also be encoded with a GLN. Think network addresses, IT systems or a specific folder in sharepoint.

How does it work?

Ordering codes

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Coding locations

The codes only become meaningful when you assign them to something. This number belongs to this company, that loading dock or this apple tree.

Scanning codes?

Sometimes it's useful if the code is also scannable. Then you can translate the number into a barcode. Read all about barcode symbols.


You buy GLNs individually or in a package of 10 to 10,000.
The costs consist of a one-time fee and an annual contribution. The latter covers GS1's organizational and development costs.

Number of codes One-time fee Annual fee
1 €   50,- €   25,-
10 €   50,- €   50,-
100 €   75,- € 100,-
1.000 € 125,- € 150,-
10.000 € 255,- € 300,-

Amounts are exclusive of VAT

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