What data will be monitored?

Via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), suppliers share medical device product data with healthcare providers. Information on product identification for procurement, logistics and traceability, waste disposal, instructions for use and cleaning processes.

What data for the data optimisation programme?

Not all data shared via GDSN can be optimised at once. This is why the GS1 Data Care programme starts by checking Class III medical devices. Such as: GMDN, CE information, Reusability, Implantable, Risk class, Reference number (supplier number). Review the Validation Rules document at the bottom of the page to see what controls are included in the dashboard and how they affect your score.

This will be extended. On which products and attributes there will be further data optimisation is going to be determined by a Governance Group (consisting of suppliers and healthcare institutions) that is yet to be formed. Would you like to think along or provide input? Mail to: Healthcare@gs1.nl

Publishing data

Besides publishing data to the GLN of healthcare institutions, GS1 Data Care will also use the GLN GS1 Netherlands Healthcare (8712345013257). This means that the GLN of the healthcare institutions as well as the GLN GS1 Netherlands Healthcare must be published temporarily. Eventually, only one GLN will need to be published, reaching all customers.