Dashboard suppliers

Understanding product data quality

Automatic system checks

Within the data optimalisation program, we use system checks to verify product data from suppliers in GDSN. We will provide feedback on the results via a dashboard in MyGS1.

What's in MyGS1? 

Logical Validations

The results in MyGS1 provide an overview of areas for improvement in your product data in GDSN based on logical validations.

GMDN Check

The GMDN code is validated against the list of active GMDN codes from the GMDN Agency. If your entered code is inactive, you will receive a notification. This means that the GMDN is no longer active and needs to be updated.

Insight into the quality of product data

  • Through system checks, we automatically verify all product data in GDSN for the Dutch target market with the GPC medical devices published by suppliers via GLN 8712345013257 (GS1 Netherlands Healthcare).
  • Suppliers can find the results in MyGS1. The dashboard provides an overview of the quality of your product data, giving you insight into potential errors. These must be corrected, and missing information must be completed.

Video GS1 Data Care

The following topics are explained in the upcoming video:

  • What does the GS1 Data Care optimization program offer suppliers of medical devices? 
  • Dashboard demonstration. How users can access important information and analyses regarding their product data.

    A video explaining the dashboard will be available online soon.