Start supplying data

As a supplier, you decide with whom you share data. At the click of a button, you can provide all your customers worldwide with product data.

How to proceed?


Make someone responsible

Make someone responsible for sharing product data through the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).


The Dutch GDSN data pool GS1 Data Source

You can use GS1 Data Source to share product data. To get you started, you can watch our instructional videos. You can also go directly to the GS1 Data Source web interface. You will receive login details by e-mail.


Decide which solution you will use

Decide how you want to submit product data via GDSN. Data entry can be via your own application, an implementation partner's solution or via the GS1 web interface.


Entering and sharing data with healthcare providers

Start listing the data you have available and publish it to your customers. Also publish the data to GLN: GS1 Netherlands Healthcare 8712345013257. Use the ECHO data model to see what product data is exchanged in healthcare.

How to enter productdata in the webinterface?

Help needed?

Send an email to if you would like advice on what is the best data supply option for you.

Looking for a partner to help implement GS1 Data Source? Then take a look at the list of implementation partners.