How does GS1 Data Care work?

GS1 Data Care is a complementary service for optimising medical device product data in GDSN.

What is done to optimise product data?

To ensure that data is displayed in GS1 Data Care is correct, comparisons are made between the data of suppliers in GDSN and the use by healthcare providers. This allows you, as a healthcare institution, to see the data quality of the products you use in the healthcare institution and, as a supplier, where the urgency lies to optimise the data. Also, the assortment of healthcare institutions is compared with the data in GDSN. This provides insight into which (important) products or data are still missing or where differences exist in the supplier's data and the healthcare institution's data.

Who does what in the process

Optimising product data is only possible if we all contribute. GS1 Data Care's dashboard gives insight into the data and from there, actions arise for suppliers and healthcare providers.


  • Intermediary
  • Contact for suppliers and healthcare institutions
  • Steering role in improving product data quality
  • Expansion of data focus in cooperation with stakeholders

Healthcare providers

  • Full control of the use of GDSN for medical device product data
  • Optimise automated use of GDSN data in internal systems
  • Work on optimising item master data in own systems


  • Complete product portfolio in GDSN
  • Complete fill rate and correct product data
  • Up-to-date product data

Solution Partners

  • Supply software for internal systems to manage product data
  • Supply software for links between GDSN and internal systems
  • Supervise implementation of the above software solutions