Product data for logistics, government and consumers

Product data for logistics, government and consumers - Koeling

Good product data on fresh products helps consumers make the right choice. And product data are at least as important for administrative and logistic processes - from ordering, delivery to invoicing - to run smoothly. And that in turn is important to be able to offer the right products: online and in the supermarket.

With GS1 Data Source, retailers always have up-to-date product information they need for daily operations: the logistics process, shelf plans, stock management, etc.
Retailers also ask their suppliers to share at least one product image with them via GS1 Data Source among other things to use for web shops and in apps.

Data to comply with legislation

The government is placing increasing demands on companies and also on product information. GS1 helps companies meet these requirements.

Through the GS1 data pool, you can also share this kind of information. Think, for example, of information about hazardous substances, packaging or information on packaging/labels.

And we are closely monitoring whether we can also help the sector share other types of data to comply with laws and regulations.

Data quality must improve

Only when data are correct, complete and up to date do they contribute to (online) purchases, correctly informing consumers and efficient logistics processes.

Supermarkets and consumers want to be able to rely on product information. The challenge is to get product information in GS1 Data Source right and keep it right. That is what the data quality programme is all about.

Processing companies, grower's associations and trading companies deal with products whose packaging, dimensions and weights are often not the same. Therefore, there are specific agreements for measuring and weighing products, the types of packaging and which tolerances are permitted.