GS1 Benelux datamodel

What data is shared via GS1 Data Source?

Retailers and their suppliers in the Benelux determine together which data they share via GS1 Data Source. In the data model you can find which data is involved.

Entering data starts with classifying your product in a category with the Global Product Classification (GPC) method.

GS1 Benelux data model DIY, Garden & Pet 

In the Benelux DIY, Garden & Pet industy, agreements have been made about which article data you can share via GS1 Data Source. These can be found in the data model (list of attributes) below. You can find the data concerned here, together with an explanation of how to enter them.

The change data model (also in the zip file) contains all the changes in relation to the previous version of the data model.

Release new datamodel

We have published a new version of the datamodel which will go live on May 21.