Release planning 2022

There is an increasing demand for data, which is why GS1 Data Source is updated (released) four times a year. For example, we make changes to validations, entry instructions, attributes or codes. The last release was on 26 February and the next one will be on 21 May, 2022.

We publish what the changes will be well in advance so that you can prepare for them (publication date). From the production date the changes are effective and data must be recorded and received according to the rules and instructions in effect at that time. 

This is the planning for the next releases:

 Release Publication date Production date 
1 17 December 2021 26 February 2022
2 28 March 2022 21 May 2022
3 20 June 2022 13 August 2022
4 26 September 2022 19 November 2022