For smaller products

Most retail items have an EAN-13, but sometimes a 'large' barcode doesn't fit. For example on a lipstick or a box of matches. That's what the EAN-8 is for. A code with only 8 digits and therefore also a smaller barcode.

A GS1 code is like a passport for your product

In retail

In retail

For a small item sold at retail, you can use this short code.

8 positions, so smaller

8 positions, so smaller

Instead of 13 digits, there are only 8 and therefore the barcode is also smaller.

Many medical devices and pharmaceuticals do have a small size, but there an EAN-13 code is used with a GS1 DataMatrix as the symbol.


How does it work?

You use an EAN-8 if:

  • The total printable area of the package is smaller than 80cm².
  • The space for the largest label on a package is smaller than 40cm².
  • The product is cylindrical in shape with a diameter of less than 30mm.

Send the item's packaging to GS1 Netherlands. We will assess whether the product is actually 'small' and qualifies for an 8-digit code.


You can only order EAN-8 codes if you already have GS1 codes, they cost € 50,- each. 

  • When a 'big' barcode doesn't fit
  • For in-store and online
  • GS1 is the only offical point of issue
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