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Improve omnichannel customer experience, logistics processes and inventory management

With rapidly changing collections and multiple sales channels, good stock visibilty is essential. After all, you don't want to sell 'no'. We help companies meet their information needs for an efficient and transparent supply chain, but also with solutions to properly inform consumers.

With GS1, you can work on:


Digital Product Passport

2050 climate neutral! That's the goal of the European Commission's Green Deal. The Digital Product Passport is one of the building blocks for this, providing answers to questions such as 'What is the CO2 footprint' and 'Where do I hand it in for recycling?'


QR code: the all-in-one code

Communicating directly with consumers with a smart barcode on the packaging. With GS1's QR code, you can get instant access to all kinds of reliable information and personalised experiences.


RFID for inventory management and efficient logistics

Manual counting to keep your stock up-to-date is a thing of the past when items can be scanned quickly and at once with RFID. It also allows you to track your products in the supply chain: from the factory to the distribution centre to the shop.

We walk along the shelves and scan all the article codes automatically. So we know very quickly what is in stock.

Marco Barendregt
Operations leader Decathlon Nederland

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