Product images

Product images - Dhzafbeelding

International guideline 

Via GS1 Data Source you share product images and digital assets, such as user instructions or safety data sheets. At companies request from the DIY, garden & pet and food & drugstore sectors, the international guideline for product images has been in use since August 19, 2023: the 'GS1 Product Image Specification Standard'.

This guideline offers more possibilities and makes it easier to share images internationally and across sectors. Product images shared according to guidelines from before this date remain valid.


What are retailers requesting? 

Retailers ask suppliers to share at least one high-quality product image, if possible of the front of the product, also called a packshot. For DIY garden & pet, choose the view/angle that best fits your product and gives a clear picture of the product. However, retailers may ask to add multiple images.

When sharing primary images (section 3 in the guidelines), we recommend using TIFF as the highest quality format.

Specifically for DIY, Garden & Pet

The GS1 guidelines for digital assets state which other digital assets companies can share and which attributes you can use for this.