How do you get started as a data receiver?

Data can be received via your own application, a solution from an implementation partner or the GS1 interface.

Steps for receiving data

For data receivers, these are the steps to take in order to receive item data via GS1 Data Source:


Apply with GS1 Data Source

You can register via MyGS1. When you register, indicate how you want to receive article data. This can be done in various ways:

  • GS1 interface
  • Own application (machine-to-machine (M2M))
  • (PIM) solution of a solution provider

When you register, you also choose the so-called communication protocol for receiving data.

Read more about how to receive article information.


Setting up communication protocol

Arrange in your systems how you will receive the data and which communication protocol you will use.

Read more about the communication protocol.


Inform suppliers

Inform your suppliers that you want to receive data via GS1 Data Source so that they can prepare themselves.

Sample letter to suppliers.

Are you a wholesaler? Then - in addition to receiving article data - you can also choose to apply for a supplier subscription. You can then publish the received data to customers via Excel using your own GLN/name.

Technical information 

View the technical information to receive data properly.