Sustainability - Duurzaamheid

There is no getting around sustainability: it's top of mind with consumers and therefore also with companies. With unique identification codes from GS1 and the sharing of clear and unambiguous data, we show the product's journey. From raw material to end user.

Capturing and sharing data is necessary for, among other things, reducing food waste, waste and packaging. A is also very important for ESG reporting and informing consumers and other stakeholders about the sustainability of your products. A lot of data and systems are already available, we just need to bring them together smartly. GS1 discusses with its partners at what level the data (data) is captured and shared.

What is possible with GS1?

Some examples of how GS1 can help you do business more sustainably:

  • Reduce food waste through dynamic pricing and better management of stock with GS1's QR codes containing the best-before date.
  • Capturing a product's journey at site level (transport, CO2 impact).
  • Sharing packaging data via GS1 Data Source to make more sustainable choices and to recycle.
  • Share sustainability characteristics of your products with consumers via GS1 Data Source.

Would you like to know what else is possible in terms of sustainability and how GS1 can help? Please contact Jerry Tracey.