Correct product data for logistics, government and consumers

2023 03 GS1 3266 Food

In today's omnichannel retail world, standardised sharing of product data and product images is more important than ever. And for this you use GS1 Data Source, our data pool which uses the global GDSN network.

The right product at the right time in the right place

Good product data helps consumers to make the right choice. If consumers cannot find the product they are looking for, that is a missed sales opportunity. 

And product data is at least as important to ensure that administrative and logistical processes - from ordering and delivery to invoicing - run smoothly. And that, in turn, is important to be able to offer the right products: online and in the supermarket or drugstore.

With GS1 Data Source, retailers always have access to the up-to-date article information they need for their daily operations: the logistics process, shelf plans, stock management, etc.  

The single source of truth for the sector

Most retailers and suppliers in the Food, Health and Beauty industry are connected to GS1 Data Source. This makes it the most valuable source within the industry for sharing all types of product data.

Product images inextricably linked to product data

Retailers already ask their suppliers to share at least one product image with them via GS1 Data Source. For retailers and other data users, these are becoming increasingly important: for their online shop and apps, but also for internal processes such as shop presentations. They stimulate suppliers to share product images centrally via GS1 Data Source.

More product groups and more data

Together with retailers and suppliers, we are constantly looking at what more data needs to be shared, for example for e-commerce, to comply with legislation or for sustainability purposes. We determine which data is important and add it to the data model

Data quality must improve

Only when data is correct, complete and up to date it contributes to (online) purchases, informing consumers, efficient logistic processes and compliance with legislation. 

Supermarkets, drugstores and consumers - in short, everyone - wants to be able to rely on product information. The challenge is to get product information in GS1 Data Source right and keep it there. That's what the data quality programme is all about.