No more 'no' sales and efficient logistics

Manual stock taking and keeping the stock up-to-date is a thing of the past if items can be scanned quickly and at once with RFID containing a GS1 code.

Better availability in (web)shops

On the (online) shop floor, RFID is proving useful for improving stock accuracy and preventing 'no' sales.
If stock on the shop floor is also 100% available to the web shop then concepts like 'click & reserve' and 'ship from store' can be fully exploited. And web order picking in the physical shop is then also a lot more reliable.

Want to know more?

Read the white paper: RFID in Fashion, Footwear and Sport: Responding better to customer demand in store and online

RFID for efficient logistics

RFID makes it possible to track products through the supply chain: leaving the factory, entering or leaving the distribution centre on the way to the shop. RFID can make processes more efficient and reliable at all points in the supply chain. It provides transparency and reduces costs while improving performance.