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Food, Health & Beauty

Release 24 February 2024

On February 24, there was another release of GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty and Agriculture & Fresh. Check out the key moments of this release and the changes below. 

The key moments of this release

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Main changes

  • Four fields have been removed for sharing hazardous substances and the instructions of two other fields were updated.
  • Two new fields have been added to share standard logos and pictograms that appear on packaging and display usage information for consumers. 
  • Two new fields have been added for (composite) packaging materials to distinguish hard or flexible plastics.
  • Validations have been added, modified or deleted. 

Please note: the overview with all changes was updated on 11 January, view the latest version below.

New data model no longer available in Attribute Explorer

The new data model can be found on our website and will no longer be available in Attribute Explorer. This is a temporary solution; we are looking at other options. View the complete overview with the changes below, the Benelux datamodel, the document explaining attributes and the new validation overview.

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