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Food, Health & Beauty

Release 17 August 2024

On August 17, there will be another release of GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty and Agriculture & Fresh. Check out the key moments of this release and the changes below. 

The key moments of the release

Current release information - Release 17 augustus 2024 ENG

Main changes

  • Suppliers have to submit the packaging fields of new and changed GTINs in the year 2024 via GS1 Data Source no later than 31-12-2024.
  • A new attribute 'Nutri-Score product category' (nutritionalScoreProductCategoryCode) with an associated code list will be added.
  • The GPC family 'Tobacco/Cannabis/Smoking Accessories' (50210000) will no longer belongs to GPC segment 'Food/Beverage/Tobacco' (50000000), so therefore a number of validations and code lists will change.
  • Some generic changes from GS1 Global in fields and code lists.
  • The instruction of a number of attributes will be modified.
  • A number of new allergens will be added to the code list.
  • Adding, modifying and deleting validations.

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