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Food, Health & Beauty

Release 18 November 2023

On November 18, there will be a new release of GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty and Agriculture & Fresh. Check out the key moments of this release and the changes below. 

The key moments of this release

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Main changes

  • Hazardous substance data capture will be structured differently.
  • Changes to GPC code list. 
  • Adding, modifying and deleting validations.

Changes data quality checks from November 18

Article data captured by a Data Management Service (DMS) will also be checked for data quality. That article data will no longer automatically receive a score of 100% in MijnGS1.

The attributes below will still be checked for data quality by a DMS, but errors in these attributes will not lead to rejection. Adjusting the error will not result in a new call for verification.

  • Special item code (specialItemCode)2. Variant description (variantDescription)
  • Sub brand (subBrand)
  • Functional name (functionalName)
  • Product temperature condition code (tradeItemTemperatureConditionTypeCode)
  • Regulated product name (regulatedProductName)
  • Vintage (vintage)
  • Product grade (gradeCodeReference)

View the complete overview with the changes, the document explaining attributes, an overview of GPC changes and the new validation overview below.

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