Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in Healthcare - Rode Afvalbak Met Wegwerp Kledij En Mondkapjes (1)

Waste Sorting:

80% of waste from operating rooms ends up in general waste bins due to insufficient information on how the waste should be sorted. With the right data, this can be improved.

Waste Prevention:

27 kilograms of waste after a single operation raises many questions. How can we prevent this waste mountain? What does circularity in healthcare look like? What data is necessary for reusable medical devices? 

De data is already there

Capture and sharing of data is essential to enhance organisational decision-making concerning patient safety, compliance with laws and regulations, inventory management, and waste reduction. In short, it is crucial for becoming future-proof. The data and systems already exist; we just need to intelligently integrate them. GS1 discusses with its partners at which level the data should be recorded and shared to achieve these goals.

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