High-quality product data in Healthcare: GS1 Data Care

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What is GS1 Data Care?

A program to optimise the product information of medical devices in GDSN / GS1 Data Source and the use of product data in hospitals.

For whom?

For hospitals and suppliers of medical devices.

Why invest in product data optimisation?

The importance of high-quality product data for medical devices has increased:

Legislation (national and international): tracing medical articles. Information is lacking for mandatory registration and for providing to the patient. Obtaining and optimising product data takes too much time. Efficiency is needed for suppliers. Separate requests from healthcare institutions take a lot of time and are error-prone.

What is needed for this?

More product data for medical devices: New product data from the Uniform Dataset. Information on the cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation of medical devices. Product data from more suppliers. Not all suppliers are connected to GDSN. Investment from all involved stakeholders. Understanding how the processes work together (supplier and hospitals). Collaboration. Use of GDSN - no more Excel - one source.

How did we come to GS1 Data Care?

Between April and October 2023, a Proof of Concept was conducted by nine healthcare institutions and eight suppliers of medical devices (national and international). Agreements were made on how the quality of data could be improved, so that all hospitals can receive reliable and complete data from their assortment. To fully rely on GDSN as the Single Source of Truth and to fully utilize the data, both parties must cooperate.

The program is a complement to GS1 Data Source and will go live in April 2024.

What does this mean?

The GS1 Data Care program will launch in April 2024 and serves as a complement to GS1 Data Source (GDSN), involving participation from hospitals and suppliers of medical devices.


GS1, NVZ, and NFU will host webinars to provide a clear understanding of participation in this program and its implications for you.

Register for the GS1 Data Care webinar. On February 8 for hospitals.
Register for the webinars for suppliers in April 2024.

Publish data

For publishing data is a specific Global Location Number (GLN): 

GS1 Netherlands Healthcare - 8712345013257

(Besides publishing data to the GLN of healthcare providers, the GLN GS1 Netherlands Healthcare is also used. Eventually, this will allow you to reach all your customers and publishing to separate GLNs will no longer be necessary).


Questions? Mail to: Healthcare@gs1.nl

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