The right product data for consumers, logistics and legislation

Online Shoppen Tuin
  • Good product data helps to offer the right products at the right time: online and in shop. It is important for consumers to be able to make the right choice.
  • Product data are at least as important for administrative and logistic processes - from ordering, delivery to invoicing - to run smoothly.
  • Not to mention to comply with legislation, e.g. on packaging.

Images and digital assets inextricably linked to product data

Retailers already ask their suppliers to share at least one product image with them via the data pool. They also encourage them to add other types of digital files - such as safety data sheets and user instructions - to product data in the GS1 data pool.

The 'single source of truth' for the whole sector

Most DIY retailers and suppliers are connected to the GS1 data pool. And garden and pet retailers have also expressed their commitment to use the data pool. This makes us the most valuable source in the Benelux for all types of product data.