Start receiving data

Healthcare providers, wholesalers and pharmacies can receive data on medical articles from manufacturers via the GS1 Data Source data pool.

What do you have to do to receive product data?


Connecting to GS1 Data Source

If you are not yet connected to GS1 Data Source, please sign up first. 

When you register, you must indicate how you wish to receive data. It is important to discuss with your software supplier how the data will be loaded into the internal system.


Login web interface

The GS1 web interface is a web portal that allows you to easily select, check and download article data from GS1 Data Source. GS1 will explain the web interface in a webinar and then you receive login details. Please log in


Inform suppliers

Let the supplier know that you want to receive product information via GS1 Data Source and pass on your GS1 Global Location Number (GLN). It is important to also receive the GLN of the supplier, only then you can create a subscription and receive data.


Creating subscriptions in the web interface

To ensure that you receive the correct data, i.e. only the data that you need from the supplier, you create subscriptions. This can be done per supplier, per product group or per individual propduct. 


Technical information

Technical information for software suppliers in order to receive product data properly is available in Dutch.
Use the data model to determine which fields with product data you want to include in the internal systems.