Checking/recording data in 5 steps

Have your data checked or recorded in 5 steps


Choose a Data Management Service (DMS)

There are several accredited Data Management Services (DMS) that can check and/or record data for you. GS1 checks whether the parties apply GS1 standards and guidelines correctly by awarding GS1 Quality Marks. 

You decide what type of information they record and/or check for you. You choose a DMS yourself and contact them to agree on the conditions and costs (see tips for closing an agreement). Indicate your choice in MyGS1 after closing the agreement.


View your call for checks

If you have data checked, then you can view your checks in MyGS1.

The 'StartAvailabilityDateTime' is the trigger for new items to send a request to have your item data checked. You will receive the call if the date you entered in the field is less than 3 weeks from now for label data and logistics data. Also a change in the data of an existing item can be a trigger to send a request to have your item data checked (unless the start date is further than 3 (for label information) or 5 weeks (for logistic data) in the future).

After receiving the call for check, ensure that label information is approved within 3 weeks and logistics data is approved within 5 weeks. 


Send in products

Have you received a call for check? In consultation with your DMS, send the products and/or packaging to them. Agree with them when they will check the product data and what they need from you to do so.

It is not a problem if you adjust article data in GS1 Data Source after receiving a call for check. The DMS always checks based on the most current product data.


Checking/recording product data

A DMS only checks data in the most important fields in GS1 Data Source. Read more about what data and product groups are involved and what exceptions there are.


View results and improve data

You will receive the check results back from your DMS and see the status of your GTINs in MyGS1. You can use the results to correct any errors. 

Is your data approved? Then you do not need to do anything else.