How does the data quality program work?

Everyone wants to have access to correct product information from GS1 Data Source. Therefore, this information must be and remain correct, complete and up-to-date. Companies in the industry made agreements on how they can improve the quality of data, which has led to the data quality programme. Suppliers participate in this programme if their customers (retailers) expect them to. 

Have data checked or recorded

An important part of the programme is the checking of data by accredited Data Management Services (DMS). They perform checks, by comparing the information from and on the product with the current data in GS1 Data Source. They can also record data for suppliers in GS1 Data Source. Suppliers then inform the DMS which data of articles (or changes in data of articles) are involved. 

System checks

GS1 additionally performs automatic system checks to check all data in GS1 Data Source, results of which are found in MyGS1.

Agreements for potatoes, vegetables and fruit

Growers, grower associations and trading companies deal with products whose packaging, dimensions and weights are often not the same. That is why there are specific agreements for measuring and weighing products, the types of packaging and which tolerances are permitted.

Getting started in 5 steps

Follow the step-by-step plan to get started with the checking/recording of your data!