Private label articles

Private label products are sold under the brand name of a retailer. Therefore, different rules and starting points apply (often) for entering information. Among other things, it is important to determine whether:

  • You enter label information in GS1 Data Source or in another system.
  • Label information is or is not checked as part of the data quality program.
  • The label information can or cannot be passed on to third parties (such as the Voedingscentrum).
  • Retailers themselves want to ensure that data on private label products is supplied.

Entering private label products

As a supplier of private label products, you make agreements with the brand owner about how to exchange information. There are three options:

  1. Entering logistics and label information into GS1 Data Source.
    As part of the data quality program, both logistical and label information is being checked. Is label information also in another system? Then make sure you enter the GLN of the brand owner correctly.
  2. Logistical data via GS1 Data Source and label information via another system
    (e.g. SIM). Only logistics information is checked within the data quality program. Do enter the GLN of the brand owner correctly.
  3. Data exchange without GDSN 
    Agreements outside of GS1 apply.

Fill in the GLN of the trademark owner

When entering private label data, always correctly enter the GLN of the brand owner (e.g. the GLN of a retailer). This is necessary to identify whether a product is a private label.