Sharing product data medical devices

Sharing reliable product data and safety documents is more crucial than ever. For this purpose, we utilize GS1 Data Source, our data pool using the global GDSN network.

The majority of healthcare institutions and medical device suppliers are connected to GS1 Data Source. Thus, within the sector, we are the most valuable resource for sharing product data.

Together with healthcare institutions, suppliers, and industry organisations, we continuously assess what additional data needs to be shared, such as to comply with regulations or for sustainability purposes. We determine which data is essential and incorporate it into the data model.

Uniform Dataset

In the Netherlands, suppliers of medical devices and hospitals have joined together to try to standardise and automate the exchange of product information. A uniform dataset has been established in consultation with suppliers, healthcare institutions, and other stakeholders. It has been agreed that data on medical devices, including relevant certification documentation, will be shared through the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). Since February 2023, the dataset is fully integrated within the network and datamodel.

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