Using the Uniform Dataset

In consultation with suppliers, healthcare institutions, industry associations, professional associations and GS1, there is now one uniform dataset. This productdata of medical devices is shared through the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), and included in the ECHO data model.

Through GS1 Data Source (GDSN), healthcare institutions receive standardised product data of medical items, this can be automatically integrated with internal systems.

When product data is missing

If product data or documentation is unavailable, processes cannot proceed within healthcare institutions, or the medical device may not be used at all. Healthcare institutions may resort to requesting information from suppliers through alternative means, such as Excel, which everyone aims to avoid due to the risk of errors and inefficiency.

Sharing Documentation via GDSN / GS1 Data Source

Documents such as the CE certificate, EU conformity declaration, and IFU can be shared via GDSN since last year. This documentation is necessary for healthcare institutions to use the medical device. However, it is often found that this documentation is still missing. Take advantage of the opportunity and share your data via GDSN, as agreed upon by industry organisations.