Using the Uniform Dataset

Smooth and correct exchange of product information is a requirement for good service to patients. The endorsed Declaration of Intent Uniform Dataset for all medical articles must ensure that this happens efficiently.

In order to prevent companies from spending unnecessary time on supplying all (different) information for all (different) types of medical articles for all (different) healthcare institutions, GS1, together with suppliers, healthcare specialists and industry association has drawn up a declaration of intent to have unambiguous, fixed fields requested.

All want to work towards the use of one uniform dataset and share it via the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). By the beginning of 2023 all fields of the dataset will be included in the ECHO data model. Check the data model to see wich data is already in GDSN and wich data can still be retrieved from the supplier via this Excel file until February 2023.