Codes for returnable trade items (RTI)

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg and GS1 Netherlands use a joint list containing the most common RTI packaging codes in the Benelux.

With these codes, you can unambiguously identify packaging items (in Belgium known as RTI: Returnable Transport Item) in electronic messages (GS1 EDI) and share data via GS1 Data Source. Packaging codes are also called 'packaging GTINs' in the Netherlands and 'nGRAI' in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Enter packaging codes

Packaging codes consist of 13 digits, in accordance with the international GS1 standards. In some cases you add a leading zero:

  • Do you use the packaging codes in GS1 Data Source and/or GS1 XML messages?
    If so, always add a leading zero by placing the digit '0' in front of the 13-digit packaging code.
  • Do you use the packaging codes in an EANCOM message such as a DESADV (shipping message) or INVOIC (invoice)? If so, do not add a leading zero to the packaging codes.

The document below contains a list of the most common packaging codes in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The code list has been checked by logistics service providers and is only used for logistics articles. Codes from the tab 'Deleted Codes - Mapping' cannot be used anymore. Packaging articles used by consumers (such as crates and bottles) are not in the list.

Deposit refund on cans - what information do you enter in GS1 Data Source?

If an article's label shows the logo 'Statiegeld op blik' (deposit on can), you should follow the following steps for each article to ensure that you enter the correct information and share it with your customers via GS1 Data Source:


Fill in the logo

Fill in the field 'Local packaging marked label accreditation code reference' (localPackagingMarkedLabelAccreditationCodeReference) the code 'RETURNABLE_CAN_NL' for each article. The code will be available in GS1 Data Source from 13 August 2022. In the web interface, you will find the field under the menu item 'Packaging marking'.


Indicate the returnable trade item

State that the article is a returnable trade item. You do this by choosing the value 'True' in the field 'Packaging marked returnable indicator' (isPackagingMarkedReturnable). In the web interface, you will find this field under the menu item 'Packaging marking'.


Fill in the empty can (trade item)

Please indicate that it is an empty can. To do this, state the following GTIN in the field 'Package deposit identifier' (returnablePackageDepositIdentification): 08720039530003. Use this code for all cans with packaging value 0.15 Euro. In the web interface you will find this field in the menu item 'Packaging information'.