Codes for Intrastat

The Intrastat code is mandatory for consumer units in the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg market. The Intrastat code is an 8-digit code to divide goods into categories. Intrastat codes are also called commodity codes or HS codes. The use, function and the codes themselves are the same for each country. The list of codes is updated annually on the basis of adjustments required for customs and statistical purposes. 

In the attribute 'Code import classification' you fill in an Intrastat code, you will find this in the code list of commodity codes. 

Entering the Intrastat code

You use two attributes to enter the Intrastat code in GS1 Data Source:

  1. 'Import classification type': a value indicating the body that manages the import and export classification of the product. Choose the value 'INTRASTAT' from the picklist.
  2. 'Import classification value': consumer units need a classification to classify them according to the correct taxes and tariffs. Enter the 8-digit code manually. Entering multiple values is possible if several import classifications apply to one product.