Global Location Numbers (GLN)

A Global Location Number (GLN) uniquely and unambiguously identifies locations

These are, for example:

  • A legal entity: company, branch or a department within the company
  • A functional entity: a specific department within a legal entity (e.g. accounting department)
  • A physical entity: a specific place in the building (e.g. a hospital room or storage warehouse)
  • A digital location: such as IT systems and network addresses

Global Location Numbers are unique worldwide

The GLN is a 13-digit number that allows you to identify a (business) address. The GLN is also the 'key' for retrieving information from databases. The corresponding name, address and other data are linked to this unique number.

GLNs allow for efficient communication and processing of names, addresses and other information about certain locations so that you do not have to send it along with every transaction. This information is communicated only once and stored in the relevant system (e.g. ERP or CMS system) and can then be retrieved by referring to the unique GLN. It is possible to translate a GLN into a GS1 barcode or EPC/RFID tag for scanning.

Healthcare GLN Implementation Guideline

You can find more information about the implementation of a GLN in the manual.