High-quality product data

GS1 Netherlands runs the data quality program on behalf of the Dutch Food, Health and Beauty industry. The goal of this programme is to get and keep the product information in GS1 Data Source in order.

The 'single source of truth'

With the growth of online retail, the importance of high quality product data in GS1 Data Source is greater than ever before. Legislation, the increased information needs of consumers and the rise of automated distribution centres make this more than necessary. Moreover, logistical processes are disrupted if product information is not correct.

In 2014, the sector-wide decision was taken to also use the data pool as a common source for all required consumer information. Therefore, all data must be 100% correct in GS1 Data Source. This is the only way to create a 'single source of truth' for reliable product data that benefits retailers, consumers and suppliers themselves.

Programme for structural improvement of data

In 2016, DatakwaliTijd 2.0 started as a project, but is now an ongoing program and the whole industry works on a daily basis to keep the quality of product information in GS1 Data Source on a structurally high level.

Checking or capturing by a Data Management Service (DMS)

An essential part of the data quality program is to have the data of new and changed articles checked and approved by a Data Management Service (DMS). This includes general and logistical data, but also label information. Product data can also be recorded by a DMS, in which case it is not necessary to check your product data. Product data is also automatically checked via system checks, with feedback being provided on a daily basis via MyGS1.