Automatic system checks

Within the data quality programme, we use system audits to check supplier data in GS1 Data Source. The results of these checks can be viewed via MyGS1.

Insight into the quality of article data

  • By means of system checks we automatically check all product data that suppliers publish to the Dutch target market via GS1 Data Source.
  • Suppliers find results in MyGS1 that provide an insight into the quality of their data. It helps to gain insight into errors and to improve them. 

What is included in MyGS1?

Logical validations

The results in MyGS1 give insight into the quality of your article data in GS1 Data Source based on logical validations. You will find three types of reports there:

  • Errors - fields containing incorrect information. Correct these errors as soon as possible.
  • Announcements - notifications resulting from recent changes. Update data in these fields within 3 months, after that they become an 'error'.
  • Alerts - the system cannot be 100% sure whether the information in these fields is correct or not. Check if the observation is correct.

Allergen check

The results in MyGS1 show any errors in your product data based on an allergen check. They are displayed as 'alert' as the system cannot determine with 100% certainty whether the information in these fields is correct or not. You should therefore check whether the observation is correct.