Packaging information

GS1 Data Source allows you to share packaging information with recipients. Suppliers decide for themselves whether to supply the information and coordinate this with their recipients. However, they can make it mandatory. They can use the data for waste processing or to meet legal requirements, among other things. 

Requirements for reusable packaging

It has been agreed with representatives from the industry that the requirements of Fost Plus will be adhered to. The following requirements apply in the Netherlands and Belgium for reusable packaging:

  • Packaging for which environmental taxes do apply:

Packaging/usable articles that are used as packaging for a consumer unit and are returned to the store by the consumer. Example: beer bottles, beer crates.

  • Packaging for which environmental taxes are not applicable:

Packaging items/reusable items used as packaging in logistics between suppliers and retailers. Example: CBL crates, pallets.

Please note that an exception applies in Belgium for Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw. They would also like to receive the packaging information for reusable logistic packaging.

Entering packaging information

Enter information of all packages into GS1 Data Source. Check the data model to see which data you enter where.

For consumer units, determine whether something is packaging by using this list from Fost Plus. Do you want to report to the Dutch Packaging Waste Fund? If so, a different instruction may apply.