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Food, Health & Beauty

Release 18 May 2024

On 18 May, there was another release of GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty and Agriculture & Fresh. Check out the key moments of this release and the changes below. 

The key moments of the release

Current release information - Afbeelding Tijdlijnrelease Datasource ENG (5)

Main changes

  • As part of the data quality programme, it is no longer mandatory to fill out the 'Consumer storage instructions' (consumerStorageInstructions) field if items fall under the GPC code '10000272 - Vegetables - Prepared/Manufactured (Preservable)'
  • Two fields have been added for entering different consistencies of food and drinks (IDDSI).
  • It is now conditionally mandatory to fill out the 'Packaging material colour code reference' (packagingMaterialColourCodeReference) field in the context of the tariff differentiation plastic 2.0 of the Afvalfonds.
  • Change in code list for filling out excise duty on beer - % alcohol instead of Plato content.
  • Codes have been added, codes have been removed and some changes have been made to existing codes. 
  • GPC codes have been updated.
  • Validations have been added, modified and deleted. 

Check out the data model, the validation overview and the data quality criteria

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