Current release information

Food, Health & Beauty

Release 21 May, 2022

On 21 May, there was another release of GS1 Data Source for Food, Health & Beauty.

The key moments of this release

Timeline release GS1 Data Source Food, Health & Beauty

Outline of the changes

We have listed the most important changes for you:

New/modified attributes, codes or instructions:

  • 8 new attributes have been added for exchanging e-commerce information of cleaning products and cleaning aids.
  • The instruction of the existing attribute 'Feature code' (featureCode)' has been changed, so that it can be used to exchange e-commerce information of cleaning products and cleaning aids.
  • A new attribute 'Nutritional program detail' (nutritionalProgramDetail) has been added for exchanging the Nutri-Score of variety packs.
  • New GPC codes have been added for e.g. maternity belts and maternity equipment. Various changes to GPC codes have also been implemented. 
  • The Dutch and English attribute names of a large number of attributes are adapted and brought in line with the GS1 Global Data Model. 
  • Entering the nutritional value 'energy' will only be allowed one way instead of two. We have also added a validation that checks whether the nutritional value has been entered correctly. 


  • New and changed validations. Also, validations have been removed.

Changes to data quality programme:

Start of the check of attributes 'NutritionalProgramDetail' and 'Code Nutri-Score' (nutritionalScore).

Update of product image specifications

The document with specifications and guidelines for adding images to product data has been updated. Among other things, a number of possibilities in the naming convention have been added and things have been clarified and corrected.


In the document below you will find a complete overview of the changes. All documentation that has been changed as a result of this release (e.g. attribute list, validation overview, explanation on attributes and the data quality criteria for DMSs) can be found at the usual locations.