Start supplying data

Data entry can be done via an in-house application, a solution from a solution provider or the GS1 web interface.

Get started with data entry in 4 steps


Sign in

Start by logging into the GS1 Data Source web interface, your own application or solution from a solution provider.  

You will receive login details for the GS1 Data Source web interface by email. In the web interface, you can create multiple user accounts, for example for colleagues.


Follow the e-learning

Follow the e-learning (only available in Dutch) for an explanation on how to enter item data into the web interface.


Enter data

Start entering data into GS1 Data Source. Use the data model for this purpose. Do you supply packaged food and health care items? If so, in addition to logistical data, also enter the label information (e.g. allergens, ingredients and nutritional values) for these items. Ensure that the information you enter is complete, correct and up to date.


Data quality check

If retailers expect this of you, then you participate in the data quality program. This means that a Data Management Service (DMS) checks the article data entered into GS1 Data Source. If you outsource data capture to a DMS, verification is not required.